Paul Rainey's Website

Who is this man of mystery? Random photos of my life. Behold the spawn of Paul! I read far too many of these things. Other sites almost as good as mine.

Personal Links
  • Cutie and the Beast - A few incoherent, sleep-deprived ramblings about my adventures in fatherhood.
  • Kristin - My wife's site, now woefully out of date. (Shame on you, woman!)
  • Travis - A friend of mine , who has retired from the bustling California life to become a New England country gentleman.
  • John Goodrich - Another friend, he's chronicling his attempts at becoming a professional writer.
Music Games
  • Settlers of Catan - The best board game in the world, and now available in an online Java version!
  • Web Sudoku - All the rage nowadays, this is a fun logic puzzle.
  • Lemmings - I played this all the time back when it came out in '91. Someone much smarter than I made a DHTML version which looks remarkably like the original.
  • City of Heroes - Possibly the best online massively multiplayer game out there by way of graphics and playability.
  • D&D 3.5 - Online reference to the open source parts of D&D 3.5.
  • D&D Bonus Calculator - My own project, this calculates all the bonuses your D&D character receives through stats, spells, and equipment. Trust me, it's harder than it sounds.