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Who is this man of mystery? Random photos of my life. Behold the spawn of Paul! I read far too many of these things. Other sites almost as good as mine.

As you can see I'm addicted to online comics. Every now and then I get draconian and cull the list but somehow things appear overnight. (The odds are good they breed amongst themselves.) I keep meaning to write out descriptions of each one, or at least rate them somehow, but never quite get around to it. Sluggy is my all-around favorite, Superosity is tied with Rob and Elliot for oddball humor, and Order of the Stick is a great D&D-based strip.

Atomic Robo
Rich's Comix
Saturday Morning Breakfast
Schlock Mercenary
Accursed Dragon
Diesel Sweeties
Girls With Slingshots
One Way
Scenes From a Multiverse
Sluggy Freelance
Between Failures
El Goonish Shive
Girl Genius
Order of the Stick
Penny Arcade
Player Versus Player
The Whiteboard
Erf World
Hamlet's Danish
Looking For Group
Sidekick Girl
VG Cats
Woo Hoo

I've also drawn a couple of strips on my own, inspired by whatever computer game I'm currently playing. I'm not a very good artist, though, so usually the strips don't last too long before I give up in disgust.

Mr. and Mrs. Hero - Based on the City of Heroes online computer game. It follows a husband and wife who play the game together and is loosely based on my own experiences playing with my darling Kristin.

Maltin the Mighty - Back in the EverQuest days my friends and I had a team of gnomes. Nothing turns heads more than the sight of six little guys charging into battle. The group didn't last long, alas, but it did inspire a strip centered around my own character, a gnome warrior named Maltin. Beware, I recently salvaged this stuff from old html code running on a different server, so some of the links are bad and there's currently no way to get back to the main home page.