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Short writeup
of the birth
Words of Wisdom
Kristin and I arenít big fans of hospitals so we decided to use a midwife. K also wanted a homebirth (which I was against just because that meant Iíd have to do a lot of cleaning). We found a midwife in Concord name Jeanne Brown who we liked and so spent the last nine months going in for checkups and waiting for the big day.

The big day finally came on Monday, August 28 at eleven oíclock at night when Kristinís water broke. The contractions started shortly after that and pretty much kept her up all night, but they werenít strong enough to justify calling the midwife until the morning.

The next day Jeanne arrived with her two assistants and set up the birthing tub. Kristinís contractions were getting pretty strong by then so she wasnít a happy camper. It still took several hours, however, to fully dilate and allow her to start pushing.

And thatís when we hit a snag. No matter how much Kristin pushed the baby wasnít budging. Jeanne tried every trick in the book but it looked like part of the cervix was getting in the way and refusing to budge. Finally, a little after ten at night, we decided it was time to head to the hospital.

Jeanne was hoping all Kristin needed was an epidural so she could get some rest, give the cervix a chance to move, and allow the babyís head to adjust (he dropped pretty quickly in the past couple of days, and usually the head needs time to warp so itíll fit through the hips). The doctor wasnít going to allow that, however, and scheduled an immediate cesarean section. In hindsight it was a good thing but at the time I was a bit annoyed.

Anyway, the operation went off without a hitch. I was able to be in the room, which isnít for the faint of heart, and was there to see Simon get pulled out of my wifeís gaping stomach wound (also not for the faint of heart). Baby was cleaned up and examined, wife was stitched up and sent to a room, and there you have it.

The hospital stay wasnít too bad, though neither one of us got much sleep. Between the baby fussing and the nurses and interns poking everyone we spent most of the time awake and cranky. We managed to get out of there on Friday and are back home now. Simon eats and sleeps, Kristin nurses and sleeps, and I change a lot of diapers.