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Short writeup
of the birth
Words of Wisdom
For his bday Simon got a little cart, and he's a champ at pushing that thing around.
Simon hits his birthday, and there was much rejoicing. Actually, the rejoicing will be at his slightly-delayed birthday party a couple days later.
Simon at 9 months. Teeth!
Simon at 8 months. Fun with food strainers!
Simon at 7 months
Simon at Saint Thomas!
Simon at 6 months. Unfortunately this is a very large one due to recording at a different resolution. Eventually I'll try to convert it to something smaller.
Simon at 5 months
Simon at 4 months
Simon at 3 months
Simon Week 7
The essense of cuteness!
Simon Week 6
Simon Week 5
I finally captured some smiles on film.
Simon Week 4
Simon Week 3
Simon Week 2
Simon Week 1
Simon Day 2 (Big Download)
Simon Day 1